The Faith Matrix

A meeting place for growth in the Spirit.

What is Faith?

The core of our inner relationship to God.

What is a Matrix?

A structure for promoting growth.

Introductory Video

Take the Faith Matrix Inventory

The Faith Matrix Inventory is a simple tool that can be used to discover the shape of your unique walk with God.  It contains questions that will give you a picture of your faith through eight categories and four balances–

Perception (knowledge and passion)

Action (submission and witness) 

Identity (self-awareness and community)

Time (heritage and hope).

Download the inventory and follow the instructions to take it. 

Then search the links below to discover tools that will help you grow in your spiritual walk.

To take the Faith Matrix Inventory, go here and subscribe.  Then click the button below.   

Explore The Matrix


Grow your faith by using your mind and reason.


Explore what it means to grow in love and passion for God and others


Be still and know that He is God. 


Get busy doing the Lord’s work.

Self Awareness

Know God by knowing yourself.
Know yourself by knowing God.

Community Awareness

Find strength in building real connections with others. 


Get acquainted with your spiritual roots.

Future Hope

Plan for what God has in store for you.

Articles and Resources

Read our articles and resources to help foster your spiritual growth. See how this fits into the Faith Matrix.

Find a Spiritual Director

Locate a spiritual director through our network of spiritual directors.

Become Part of the Faith Matrix Community

Join with others in their spiritual journey with other Faith Matrix Christians.