The Faith Matrix Inventory (FMI)

The Faith Matrix Inventory is a simple survey designed to promote thinking about the ways people most often connect with God.

Mark the box beneath each question that most closely expresses your answer, then proceed to the next question. At the end will be directions to a results page.

1.Knowing and pursuing the truth is important to my personal spiritual growth.
2.I do not take teachers and preachers at their word, but want evidence to verify belief.
3.I enjoy teaching, discussing, debating, and learning with others.
4.Reason is important to me in sharing and defending my faith.
5.I solve problems through analytical and rational thinking.
6.I regularly spend my time reading, learning and studying.
7.Critical thinking strengthens my faith.
8.It is important to know why something is true, not just that it is true.
9.Feelings are important to my spiritual growth.
10.I sometimes hear from God directly through the Spirit, not just from the ancient Word.
11.I feel deeply for others, and often cry or celebrate with them.
12.I am an emotionally expressive person who has no trouble crying, laughing, or expressing anger in public.
13.I use my body in prayer through bodily motions and gestures.
14.I make decisions based on intuition–what I feel in my gut.
15.Music or art will sometimes move me to tears.
16.I believe a full, satisfying life with God will should include the feelings of joy, happiness, and love.
17.Following God and obeying without question is an important part of my spiritual growth.
18.I often hear God speaking to me in a still, small voice inside.
19.My purpose before God is not just to do God’s bidding out of obligation but to be His child.
20.I usually take my time seeking God’s guidance in an unhurried way before I act.
21.I have a regular daily time to worship and to be with God.
22.I regularly practice spiritual disciplines such as worship attendance, giving, Sabbath-keeping, and fasting.
23.I enjoy being still and quiet before God.
24.I do not act on my own, but wait for God to show me what to do.
25.I believe my purpose is to do good works for God’s glory.
26.Most of my prayers to God are petitions of help for others, resources to serve Him, or guidance on what to do next.
27.I stay busy and involved in God’s service. I don’t like to sit still.
28.When some one tells me about a problem, I get busy thinking about how to fix it.
29.I usually act out my witness for God by service and/or speech.
30.I don’t usually ask why; just tell me what to do.
31.Nothing makes me happier than seeing results and accomplishing things.
32.My goal is to make the world around me better because I was here.
33.Understanding of who I am before God is an important contributor to my spiritual growth.
34.The way God sees me is important to how I see the world.
35.I enjoy sharing details of my personal faith journey with other people. I believe this helps them grow spiritually.
36.I don’t worry about how others see me—only how God sees me.
37.I take time daily for self-examination and personal spiritual development.
38.I keep a journal and/or practice daily confession.
39.I enjoy being alone, meditating and thinking.
40.Most of the time I prefer being alone over being with others.
41.Being with others is very important to my personal spiritual development.
42.God usually speaks most clearly to me in worship services, group Bible study, or conversing with others.
43.My greatest witness to God is when I am being myself in the presence of others.
44.My main goal in life is to serve my family, friends, and others.
45.I have a group of people I see regularly who support me and with whom I can share anything.
46.I like to be in the center of social activity.
47.Before I go places, I usually look for someone who will go with me.
48.I attend church, support sports teams, and join clubs because I feel happiest when in the midst of others. .
49.My past upbringing has made me a more spiritual person.
50.The traditions from my past keep me grounded today.
51.I am part of a spiritual tradition, and feel a deep responsibility to pass that tradition on to future generations.
52.I want to tell others stories about where I came from, and what my past means to me.
53.Old paths and ancient traditions help me cope with the problems of today.
54.I have been serving God the same way for years, and I am proud of it.
55.I greatly enjoy studying history, genaeology, and reminiscing about old times.
56.I get more joy out of thinking about the past than thinking about the future.
57.Continual growth into greater faith and new expriences is important to my spiritual life.
58.I have a clear idea of the kind of person God wants me to be and am honestly working on becoming that person.
59.I think it is important to motivate others by encouraging them to grow beyond their limitations and acheive their full potential.
60.I am an optimist about the future.
61.I regularly set long and short term goals for life.
62.I relish new approaches and new ideas.
63.I get bored with the same old thing, and usually am the first to try something new.
64.I love thinking outside the box in new ways.